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Pampas Set Of Fluffy Natural Dried Flowers Bouquet
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Pampas Set Of Fluffy Natural Dried Flowers Bouquet

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30-100 Pieces/Lot Pampas Set Fluffy Natural Dried Flowers Bouquet 

Attention decor lovers! Elevate your living space with these beautiful and charming 30-100 Pieces/Lot Pampas Sets of Fluffy Natural Dried Flowers Bouquet. 🌸🌾

Introducing this versatile bouquet that adds effortless beauty to any room in your home. With its natural texture, it creates a lovely ambiance for romantic dinners or just relaxation after a long day at work.

Transform any dull corner of your house within seconds into an Instagram-worthy space that will have all of your friends asking where you got it from. Dress up weddings, dinner parties or baby showers with this stunning piece - it's sure to be a conversation starter!

The set includes 100 pieces of pampas grass flowers that are beautifully arranged together in one fluffy bouquet giving heights ranging from about 0.77 feet and above making them perfect for tall vases or as standalone florals,

This charming bouquet not only adds aesthetic appeal but they're also very easy maintanance being dried flowers means no watering required.! No need to worry about changing colors of petals, drooping stems, or allergies triggered by fresh-cut flowers anymore because these dried beauties stand against time without sacrificing their timeless charm.

Make memories last by adding some stylishness to even those unlikely places like office reception desks and conference tables too!

No more boring stale rooms! Upgrade your decor game now with this pampas set which is great value for money compared average market cost💰


  • Instantly upgrade the look and feel of any living space
  • Wonderful centerpiece ideas
  • Adaptable in various settings: home interiors/offices/events💐✨
  • Easy maintenance
  • Timeless charm
  • Great value compared to similar products on the market


  • Pack contains 30-100 pieces/lots
  • Made from natural material
  • Taller than most decorative bouquets reaching a height between .77ft -1ft+
  • Suitable do-it-yourself bouquets or Large vases.

Experience the beauty and elegance of the 100 Pieces/Lot Pampas Set Fluffy Natural Dried Flowers Bouquet for yourself. Order now!🛍️

*These are 100% natural products and no pampas stem is identical, so there will be variations to a degree with colour, shade, texture, width etc.

Due to the delicacy of the product we pack my Pampas bouquets very well, using void fill to protect the item, please be mindful this will cause the stems in some circumstances to appear slightly flatter than in my photos. Don’t panic though!!! Just leave the bouquet to relax in the vase for up to a week and they will naturally regain their volume or you can place the Pampas in the sun for a few hours to open naturally, however if you wish to have a speedier result then simply use a blow dryer on the Pampas stem on a warm setting and blow in a downwards motion from the top of the stem to the bottom rotating the stem in your hand as you go.

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