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Air Fryer Disposable Non-stick Paper Liner

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Are you looking for a way to make your kitchen routine easier and more efficient?

Introducing the ultimate solution for all your air frying needs - the Air Fryer Disposable Paper! These Air fryer accessories provide a quick and easy way to keep your air fryer clean and free from messes- making your air fryer experience that much better.

Crafted with high-quality materials, these disposable papers are both durable and non-stick. Their non-stick surface allows for easy food release and prevents any messes from sticking to the surface of your air fryer. Plus, their lightweight and flexible design makes them super easy to use and dispose of as needed.

With their oil-proof properties, these disposable papers are perfect for use in air fryers, ovens, and for baking. They provide a protective barrier between your food and the surface of your air fryer- helping to prevent oil and grease from sticking to the surface and making cleaning a breeze.

But the benefits of these disposable papers go beyond just their convenience and functionality - they also help to reduce cleaning time and effort. You'll spend less time cleaning and more time enjoying your delicious meals with their quick and easy-to-use design.

Upgrade your air frying experience with the Air Fryer Disposable Papers and experience the ultimate in convenience, functionality, and ease of use. Order now and enjoy a hassle-free and mess-free air frying experience!



🔥 Disposable: Our air fryer disposable paper liner is designed to be used once and then discarded, making your kitchen routine even easier.

🔥 Non-Stick and Heat Resistant: Our air fryer paper liners are made of high-quality non-stick and heat-resistant materials, making them safe to use in air fryers, ovens, and microwaves. The non-stick surface ensures that your food won't stick to the liner, and the heat-resistant material can withstand high temperatures without burning.

🔥 High-Quality Material: Made of paper material, this product is disposable and eco-friendly.

🔥 Versatile and Convenient: Our disposable air fryer paper liners come in both square and round shapes, making them versatile for all types of air fryer baskets. Plus, with 50 or 100 liners in each pack, you'll have plenty to last for multiple uses. These liners are also convenient for baking and cooking in the oven.

💧 Oil-proof: The liner is designed to be oil-proof and non-stick, making it perfect for use with air fryers, microwaves, ovens, steamers, and cookers.

🔥 Mess-Free Cooking: Say goodbye to messy air fryer baskets with our disposable air fryer paper liners! These liners are designed to catch grease and oil from your food, keeping your air fryer clean and easy to maintain. No more scrubbing and scraping burned-on residue from your air fryer basket!

🧩 Variety of Shapes: Our product comes in both a round and a square shape, making it perfect for any kitchen.

🔥 No Interfering With Internal Air Circulation: The heat is generated by air circulation from the pan's wall, so although without holes,it won't affect the air circulation by using these air fryer parchment.And compared with the air fryer paper with holes, they can effectively keep food residue away from fryer bottom.When baking, the grease comes out to the paper liner, giving you healthier foods.



  • The safety of the materials used in the liners means that you can cook with confidence, knowing that your food is not being contaminated
  • The versatility of the liners means that you can use them with different air fryer baskets, reducing the need for multiple accessories
  • The easy cleanup process means that you can spend more time enjoying your food and less time cleaning up after cooking
  • The oil-proof design of the liners helps to promote a healthier cooking environment by reducing the amount of grease buildup in your air fryer basket
  • The easy-to-use and disposable nature of the liners can save you time and effort, allowing you to spend more time on other activities
  • Using the liners can also help to extend the life of your air fryer basket, reducing the need for expensive replacements or repairs.



Simply place the paper liner into the air fryer, microwave, oven, steamer, or cooker, and use as you would normally. When you're done, discard the paper liner and enjoy your freshly cooked meal.


  • Material: Paper
  • Baking & Pastry Tools Type: Baking Mats & Liners
  • Type: Baking & Pastry Tools
  • Shape: Round/Square
  • Use For: baking,roasting,frying,or serving food
  • Quantity: 50/100pcs
  • Suitable For: air fryer,microwave,oven,steamer,cooker



Q: Is this product safe to use in a microwave?
A: Yes, it is perfectly safe to use in a microwave.

Q: Is this product oil-proof?
A: Yes, it is designed to be oil-proof and non-stick.

Q: Does this product come in a variety of shapes?
A: Yes, it comes in both a round and a square shape.


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